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The Olive Ranch is an  ethical, family run children’s farm with onsite accommodation, set in an area of outstanding natural beauty and only 25 minutes’ drive from Chania. At the Olive Ranch you can see, feed and touch an assortment of animals. We offer various provisions and packages including hot and cold beverages, picnic areas, children’s play spaces, face painting, birthday parties,  bike hire, pony and donkey treks, workshops, horse loans,  accommodation, venue hire and group bookings as well as wholesome and relaxing family days out!

Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility

Children’s Charities, Schools, Nurseries and Social Groups

The Olive Ranch recognise that whenever a child bonds with an animal regardless of their ethnicity, gender, ability or circumstance they are engaging in a rehabilitative and therapeutic experience. We support all children’s charities by offering one free visit to The Olive Ranch per year. We also offer schools, nurseries and social groups fantastic offers.

Animal Welfare

The Olive Ranch has made a commitment of care to our animals. We choose not to breed young animals to attract customers. We have a variety of animals but chose to have smaller numbers, this way we can give all our animals the space, care and attention they deserve over their life time.


We have a five year plan to open a small holiday cabin. The space is currently being designed by Apostolos Mousourakis and integrates wood and cob in order to create an ecologically sound, aesthetically pleasing and functional space. On site we have reclaimed and up-cycled materials where possible and have planted over 40 trees. The Olive Ranch uses natural fertilisers and we refuse to use pesticides. Even our picnic boxes are recycled!






These packages are only available when booked in advance. We can only offer one Hare and one Tortoise a day, so early booking is recommended.


For those looking for a relaxed pace

Tortoise package icon


10am: Children feed the animals

10.30am: Face painting

11am: Grooming a pony or donkey

11.30am: A donkey and a pony trek (up to 2 infants or 52kg on one animal parents walk alongside)

12.30pm: Free time

1.30pm: Craft activity

1.50pm: Pets corner cuddles

2.00pm: Free play


1 child: 20 euros

2 children: 30 euros


For those who prefer a faster pace

Hare package icon


10am: Children feed the animals

10.45am: Bike hire

1pm: Free time

2pm: Face painting

2.30pm: Grooming a donkey/pony

3.00pm: A donkey and a pony trek (up to 2 infants or 52kg on one animal parents walk alongside)

3.45pm: Craft activity

4pm: Pets corner cuddles


1 child: 30 euros

2 children: 40 euros

Up to 2 accompanying adults will receive free bike hire

Spiny Mouse

Especially for larger families and groups.

Spiny Mouse package icon

The Spiny Mouse option is essentially a bolt on to the tortoise and the hare packages. It offers flexibility and a cost effective approach for larger families. Adding the spiny mouse option allows you to split the pony and donkey ride time equally between several children. We will allow for mounting and dismounting so you won’t lose time. The Spiny Mouse option also covers food, bike hire and all other activates stated in the tortoise and the hare packages.


5 euros per extra child.

Get in Touch

Get in Touch

Whatever your specific requirements we’d love to hear from you. Please get in touch and we will get back to you as soon as possible. We apologise for our poor Greek language in advance we have been busy building The Olive Ranch but fully intend to learn!

Call: 0030 2821600413

How to find us

Directions from Neo Chorio

Opposite the petrol station there is a road leading into the Olive Groves. Turn down the road for a few minutes and you will find The Olive Ranch on your left.

The Olive Ranch

The Olive Groves of Neo Chorio
Apokoronas region
Near Chania
730 03